Health, Safety, and Environment

Titan serves the oil and gas industry throughout North America and is dedicated to protecting the people, assets and environment of the areas in which we operate.

“Titan Energy Services Ltd. is committed to protecting the environment and maintaining public and employee safety throughout our operations. As Chairman and CEO of Titan Energy Services Ltd., I am personally accountable for the health, safety and environmental performance of the organization and fully support the actions necessary to achieve excellence.” Chris Haslam, Chairman and CEO

Our sense of corporate responsibility goes far beyond mere regulatory compliance. As with everything Titan does, we accept only excellence with regards to our HS&E policies and practices. Our safety record to date is exemplary and we are committed to keeping it that way.

Titan Energy Services – 4 Safety Fundamentals

  • Maintain a Safe Work Place
  • Create a Safe Work Plan
  • Keep it Safe While Working
  • Leave it Safe For The Next People